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Seek Clarity | Brad Straarup

What if one simple habit could stop miscommunication?

Well, it can.

I’ve noticed how often miscommunication happens within organizations.

A supervisor thinks they gave clear instruction, a subordinate thinks they understand, the next thing you know – the wrong thing gets executed. This leads to the frustrating realization that poor communication just wasted everyone’s time and resources.

So how do you stop it? I’m glad you asked.


1: If you’re a Supervisor:

End your next delegation conversation with,
“I want to make sure I communicated clearly, can you say that back to me?” [OR]
“…(Repeat what you just heard.)

When you ask a person to repeat what you said, you’re able to check for gaps in their understanding. This breaks the miscommunication cycle. It’s no longer what you thought you said, it’s exactly what you said and how they understood it.


2: If you’re a Subordinate:

Once you’ve been given a task, ask, “Just to clarify, (repeat what you are planning to do).”

This gives your supervisor the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.


As simple as this habit seems, it has the ability to skyrocket clarity in an organization.

Execute it. And you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save. On top of that, you’ll be a more pleasant person to work with.

If you want clarity, ask for it.


  • Personal: In your next meeting, conversation, or email, seek clarity.


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