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Lead With The Point | Brad Straarup

Great writers and great leaders get to the point.

They do it in any email, communication, or meeting. And as simple as that may seem, we don’t see much of it. Many leaders act like their communication is a movie plot which needs a long intro and a little suspense before getting to the actual point (I’m guilty of this).

But that’s no surprise. It’s how we’re taught to communicate in school. In English class, we’re told to: introduce the topic, set it up, and only then present the main thesis.

But times have changed.

We live in an attention economy.

People have less margin than ever before. They no longer read whole emails, they skim. They no longer read entire articles, they scan. So if you want to be heard, you must practice getting your point across – and doing it fast.

I remember the day I first saw this principle modeled. I stepped into a small office where I’d find out if I had been selected for a job. I found my seat and expected small talk and lengthy formalities before knowing if I got the position.

My supervisor started the meeting with, “You got the job.” Then proceeded with secondary details. By choosing to lead with the point, my supervisor put me at ease. And made the remainder of our conversation easier.

Embrace this truth. It will make your communication more clear, simple, and efficient. As a bonus, others will thank you for it.

So cut the preamble. Cut the fluff. Cut the setup. And get to the point.

Brad Straarup

Brad Straarup

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