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What's your system? | Brad Straarup

“If you’re too busy to build good systems, then you’ll always be too busy.” – Brian Logue

Whats your system - Instagram PinterestI recently visited the first church that ever employed me. One night, I asked an old co-worker to share their process for training small group leaders. He said, “We’re still using the leader training manual you made 7 years ago.”

At that moment I realized something – a simple system had outlasted me.

The job of every leader is to reproduce themselves. And while most leaders aim to reproduce their leadership in particular people, effective leaders will also aim to reproduce themselves in specific systems.

In this situation, I had done this by mistake.

Too often, we develop people but don’t develop systems. Here’s the problem… People leave. People change. People forget.

But written systems ensure that the process is remembered, improved, replicated, and delegated.

Without written systems, your impact will always be limited.

In the conversation with my friend, I realized that in the last 7 years, leaders have come and gone. But a simple system, a simple manual for developing leaders was used AND improved upon.

So I have one question for you. As a leader, are you reproducing yourself in the systems you create? As an organization, are you creating a culture of systematizing everything you do?

Because a lack of systems leads to a lack of impact.


  • Personal: Think of the various actions you do more than once. Ask yourself, “How can I systematize this?”
  • Corporate: Create the expectation that employees document any key repeated actions.



What's your system
Brad Straarup

Brad Straarup

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